Saturday, August 25, 2012

Red velvet and rainbow cakes


Red Velvet Cake

Rainbow Cake
My bag of the night: Celine Trapeze Black Croc Stamp

Obviously, food and bag are my favourite things :D

2 weeks ago, I had dinner with some close friends at Goods Diner, a place where its red velvet and rainbow cakes (and burger) are quite famous among those cake lovers like me. And yes, I was so satisfied with these two cakes. They just had the right mix of taste (not too sweet) and texture (neither too soft nor too spongy). Good for me. And good for my tummy.

My bag of the night was Celine Trapeze Black Croc Stamp. This Trapeze bag has been continuosly on duty in the past 2 weeks.
It's chic (well, it is Celine's IT bag lol) and worry-free (obviously for being a black bag). Love it!!


  1. The cakes look heavenly! This Celine is also heavenly - want!

  2. gorgeous celine! what season is the black croc stamp from?