Monday, August 6, 2012

Current obsession: YSL Medium Chyc Cabas

Beige - Black - Peacock blue - Dark brown

Dark green - Dark magenta - Saffron - Skye blue

Degrade lizard embossed
Beige - Pacific blue

Textured leather
Dark magenta - Light pink - Pale beige

I am officially obsessed over YSL Chyc Cabas. I can not stop thinking the next purchase (what size and colour) lol

I have owned one in medium size dark green Chyc Cabas (check here). And after using (and abusing) the bag for awhile, I am happy with the bag as it is beautiful, practical, has great details and exquisite leather and it is not as common as other big names (with logos).

Hence I made this post for sharing other colours from its FW 2012 collection. For sure I am dreaming for the one in pacific blue degrade lizard embossed. I have seen one in local YSL store and it looks very luxurious and gorgeous. Other than that, I am also eyeing one in peacock blue, which has a nice bright coblat blue.

Depending on the type of leather and finish, the price is ranging from USD1950 to USD2195. And I am satisfied for knowing that the bag is still 'Made in Italy' :D

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