Thursday, January 24, 2013

Saint Laurent Paris Petit Cabas Y

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I have been on the fence with the new YSL chyc cabas or now I must say it as "Saint Laurent petit cabas Y". The reason is that I miss the Y stitching panel on the old chyc cabas.
But when I checked the new bag in person in local YSL or SLP store, I have to admit that the bag is a winner. I experienced a moment when my heart skipped a beat lol. I instantly adored the leather (smoother) and its sleek hardwares. And I think the size is just perfect for a daily bag and its long strap is very handy.

The bag sold out quickly in SLP local store especially for black, electric blue, purple and fuchsia *sigh*

Until now I still can not decide the colour that I should get ... purple or red
Surely it is going to be a tough decision for me to take lol

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