Monday, January 7, 2013

Bag of the day: Tulisan beach bag

As my normal Sunday or weekend, I spent the day with kids. It meant that I had to adjust the entire look properly. Flatshoes, big tote bag and comfy outfit are must items.

And yesterday I opted to wear a beach bag from Tulisan. Tulisan is a local brand that regularly releases limited edition print bags and accessories. It is one of my favourite brand and I regularly made a visit to the store:)

The bag is B.I.G. but that is what I need as I had to put children books, toys, a bottle of milk plus other stuffs. And whenever going out with the kids, I tried to use a non leather bag and canvas bags have been my best companion (like Goyard). The reason is simple, I do not want my designer leather bags to get some scratches or kicks from my kids' shoes lol Having a 1.5 year old boy, I often carried him in my arms and his shoes frequently touched/kicked my bag. Trust me, I have learnt a lesson on this matter from my own experience (and it was a bag chaos lol) :)

And on my wrist I wore a cute leather cuff and my loyal diamond bracelet :)

The bag is from recently launched Love Letter of Roro Mendut series.

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