Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kelly Double Tour Eucalyptus

At the very beginning of 2013, I managed to haul a Kelly Double Tour at Hermes local store. It is in Eucalyptus with palladium hardware (PHW). The colour of Eucalyptus is very similar to Etain which I have had one already. But I like the combo of Eucalyptus-PHW and I think it will be a great match to my diamond bracelet (in white gold) that I wear everyday. So I made a quick decision inside the store and it finally went home with me lol.

And this is the comparison of Eucalyptus and Etain. It is obvious that Eucalyptus has more brown-undertone compared to Etain.

Kelly Double Tour: Etain GWH vs. Eucalyptus PHW

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