Friday, June 15, 2012

Celine Phantom Croc Stamp

And some modeling pictures. Pssst, I am only 5'1" :p

Obviously I have a huge obsession over Celine in the past one year. The (mini) luggage, belts, trio and now Trapeze have been haunting me lol. But I am considered as 'late' in liking the phantom style. After a year of being a Celine addict, it is just recently that I am 'ready' for phantom. The reason is very simple, because I am not so keen of a hand-carried handbag. To illustrate, I finally gave up Louis Vuitton Speedy and had it sold after a year of owning it. I could not stand to hand-carry the bag all the time (especially when I had baby/toddler to carry/hold). Most of the time I wore my mini luggages over my shoulder and rarely had it hand-carried.

However after several occasions I saw some ladies toting Celine phantom (in various colours) then the bag started growing on me. It looks very 'Celine' and cool and chic and surprisingly it was not that bad in having the bag hand-carried. Further good news is that I can still wear the bag over the shoulder. Yay!

So when an opportunity for owning a phantom came (i.e. it was available for a purchase in Celine store), I did not think twice but rendered my credit card to my favourite SA lol. Then I thought I did not make a bad decision. Now I really really love the bag! It is slightly heavy if I have it hand-carried, but it is no longer an issue as it can be worn over the shoulder. And having the bag embossed/stamped in croc pattern, I am now less worried on getting the scratches from normal use. Plus, the black colour has given me a piece of mind as I can be worry-free from any colour transfer to the bag lol

I can conclude that this Phantom croc stamp has been the highlight of the month for me*happy dance*


  1. I love you bag!!! This bag is next bag I'm wishing for .. May I know how much did you get it for? And which season it is form? Do you think it is still available in September-October? I love the bagggggg!! :D