Monday, August 19, 2013

Morning coffee at Monolog


I have been craving for nice coffee in the past one month. During one-month fasting month I intentionally refrained myself from drinking any caffeinated beverages. The reason is simple. I did not want to suffer insomnia due to caffeinated drinks.

This may sound odd, but as much as I enjoy drinking coffee, I am still sensitive with caffeine. Drinking a cup of cappuccino or a glass of coffee latte in the afternoon may cause me a sleeping problem in the night. I may not be able to sleep soundly and will stay awake til 1AM :( I can't imagine if I then had to wake up at 3.30 for early breakfast during the fasting month. I will surely be sleep deprived.

So after the fasting month is over, I have been regularly visiting my favourite coffee shops. And today I went to Monolog for having a morning coffee. My coffee was accompanied by a generous slice of black forest cake.

It was truly a nice way to start the coming hectic week.

Bag of the day was Tulisan Library Tote. It is proven to be a handy bag whenever I went out with kids, just like today's outing to Monolog ;)

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