Saturday, August 31, 2013

Balenciaga Family

These are the remaining Balenciaga bags that I currently own.
They are one small happy family and I am happy and content with my current collection.

In the past (circa 2009-2010) I was a true Balenciaga addict and owned up to 17 Balenciaga bags with various styles/hardwares/colours. However since I have been a Celine convert and loyal to Celine in the past 2 years, then I had to let go most of my Balenciaga bags. Now I only have 6 Balenciaga bags and love each one of them.

These 6 bags that I cheris comprise of:

2009 Raisin Part Time RH
2010 Outremer Work RH
2010 Sorbet Part Time RH
2010 Sang Work SGH
2010 Black City RH
2011 Coquelicot Part Time RH

Now I just realize that the last Balenciaga bag I bought was in July 2011. It's like 2 years ago. Wow, time flies so fast...

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