Monday, August 19, 2013

Recent beauty haul

I simply can not leave home without La Mer cream
The moisturizing soft cream

The cleansing gel

I bought these La Mer products around 2 months ago. But they immediately went to the bathroom shelves as at that time I still had some from the previous pot and bottle. So I almost forgot them...
But when I was running out of Creme de La Mer and cleansing gel 3 weeks ago, I felt glad that I had them ready at home.
This is the first time I use La Mer moisturizing soft cream as it is actually a rather new product. However after diligently applying the cream to my face everyday for the past 2-3 weeks I know that this is not suitable for me. I guess that the soft cream is just not thick enough. I tend to have dry skin on my forehead area and after using this cream, I still felt the dryness on it. I much prefer the classic Creme de La Mer which has much thicker texture but it suits me better.
So this might be my last purchase for La Mer moisturizing soft cream and next time I will remain loyal to Creme de La Mer.

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