Saturday, August 31, 2013

My 2nd Dior: Diorissimo Small Bleu Persan

I never thought that I would score TWO Dior bags in a month. Phewww....

Well, honestly I have not bought any new bags in the past 3 months (on a bag ban!) and I have started to let go some of my collection. So, I think it is a good chance (and reason) that I start venturing to a new brand or style *wink*

When I came to Dior store last week, I did not have any intention to buy one. I just wanted to make some enquiries about Diorissimo (like size, leather types and colours) as I never saw it in real life.
Then the SA showed me a Diorissimo medium in bleu persan. I really love the colour at the first sight but then a medium size was too big for my petite frame (just 5'1). The SA said that they had a very limited stock for Diorissimo small and did not have one in bleu persan. At that time I felt a little bit disappointed for not being able to see one.

So I left the store empty handed and had a nice lunch with a friend. In the middle of the lunch, the SA called me and excitedly confirmed that the store actually still had a Diorissimo small in bleu persan. Just like the one that I want. Wow! I suddenly felt my excitement was getting stronger and I quickly finished my lunch.

I then came back to the store and was warmly greeted by this stunning baby. Well, I loveeee it. The size is perfect and the colour is amazing. The bag was calling my name loudly lol that I could no longer stand it....

At the end I helplessly gave my credit card to the SA and asked her to wrap this baby for me.

So that's the story for my 2nd Dior... with a very happy ending. I hope that one day I might be able to gradually grow my Dior collection.

See my first Dior here, also acquired this month...

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  1. How small is it? whats the dimention? mind showing photo with you carrying it?