Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Proenza Schouler PS Courier Black-Krishna

I was very very excited when I saw it in real life, a Proenza Schouler PS Courier, the first time. I simply love its simple style and the use of minimum hardwares and the leather is just divine. The leather lining in contrast orange colour always gives me a warm nice feeling whenever I open the bag. It is quite refreshing to see the inside of the bag has been constructed by beautiful leather. Even the back pocket (with magnetic closure and this is one of my favourite parts of the bag too) is lined with the orange soft leather.

I do not need to brag about the leather. It has followed the already-known Proenza Schouler quality: supple, soft, luxurious and durable. 

I have to admit that PS Courier is surprisingly a lightweight handbag in comparison to its already-famous-sister PS1 (comparison is for PS1 medium). I notice that this is due to the fact that PS Courier does not have as many compartments and pockets as PS1 and the use of hardwares are much less. Well, this is another fact that has made me adore the bag even more.

The strap is also adjustable with smart design by using with buttons (not buckle) and those buttons are covered with the leather too. Very chic!

As I already have 2 PS1 medium in midnight blue (here) and dark red (here), so I quickly decided to bring home this baby in bicolor Black-Krishna. I think I did not make any bad decision despite it was another impulsive purchase.... haha.... No regret so far *grin*

Soon I will post some modeling pictures to further share my excitement for this baby.

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  1. Super Love all your bag collection. May I know if I can fit a mini iPad into this bag?