Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today's shallow obsession: Diamond

Diamond Tennis Bracelet 5ct (or min 0.1ct each) in 4 prong setting

Diamond Solitaire Ring 1ct in 6 prong setting

It is said that diamond is a girl's best friend. And I find it so true!
Silently or passively I am a diamond lover. But too bad that my other obsession has conquered me in the past 4 years that has made me a bag fetish lol

I intentionally made this post on my current (shallow) obsession as a reminder that I 'might' be on a bag ban in the next few months. I guess I can be considered as happy or satisfied with my current bag collection. They are not as many as they were before, yet now I only keep those classic bag styles, brands and colours that I like very much.

My diamond wishlist consist of tennis bracelet and 1ct solitaire ring, preferably in F-G colour, VVS and round shape. They are meant to be for my daily wear so I am aiming something classic and timeless....

Wish me luck....

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  1. All your obsessions are every girl’s fantasy. Haha! For everyday-wear diamonds, I find stud earrings practical and classy. For rings, I agree with your choice of a solitaire one since it’s the perfect representation of timelessness. Anyway, were you able to channel your love on bags to diamonds?

    Bridget Rossi