Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saturday family affair

On last Saturday, we went to Waterbom with kids. Somehow we managed to get there by 8AM, just when they opened their doors. I could not believe myself that we were the fist party who bought the tickets lol We also booked our favourite cabana spot, in front of the Pleasure Pool. It's the best spot, as it was in a quiet area and the food stalls were just 10 meters from our cabana. Perfect!

No questions for the kids as they loved loved the place. Especially my eldest son loved Bom Blazter arena. I also liked the colourful theme in this fun arena yet I did not really like the splash from the overflown giant bucket that was full of water.

My favourite pool, Pleasure Pool.
By the time we left Waterbom at noon, most of cabanas in Pleasure Pool arena were already taken and the pool was no longer a quiet area.

My bag of the day was Tulisan Librarian Tote which also served as my camera bag (I put my camera inside a Crumpler padded pouch for extra safety). As always the bag was perfect companian for a weekend affair with family.

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