Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family Sunday brunch

Today the kids wished to have their lunch at Marche Restaurant. Yet it was brunch for the parents as we woke up late and skipped breakfast (well, that's the beauty of Sunday: waking up late and having a brunch).
So that's where we were heading to this morning.
The interior of the restaurant is always unique and we feel like inside a traditional market, where sellers have their own market stalls and sell different items from one to another.

Yummy roasted chicken wings
Potato wedges

Fresh orange juice

My favourite dishes from Marche are their roasted chicken wings (IMO they taste better and tastier than their regular roasted chicken leg), and today they were accompanied by potato wedges. For drinks I always ordered fresh orange juice which tasted soooooo fresh (they simply never serve sour fresh orange juice. ever!).

Bee sting cake for a take away

I was feeling rather full after having finished 5 pieces of chicken wings and half portion of potato wedges, so dessert can not be ordered for an immediate consumption. Therefore I decided to take away their most favourite dessert, which is called 'bee sting' cake. I then googled the origin of bee sting cake and found out it is from German and named bee sting because it is glazed with honey just before baking. The cake is simply a sweet soft bread with a custard cream filling and topped with almond slices and finally glazed with honey.

My bag of the day is Chanel Biarritz which also serves as my camera bag. It fits well my DSLR camera with a small 50mm lense attached to it.

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