Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amazing multicolour Loewe Amazona

I have heard about Loewe before (pronounced lo-EH-veh). It is a Spanish brand and they have the iconic/classical 'boxy' bag. That's all I knew. Oh, and I have visited the store in my city like 1-1.5 years ago. Nothing successfully impressed me during that visit (ehm, poor bag collection). So I just ignored Loewe since then.

But, when I strolled along Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona and passed a Loewe store, the bags displayed on the store window really attracted me (see above pictures). I was stunned. The colour combination on the multicolour bag was just gorgeous.

So I entered the store and had a chat with one of the SAs. The multicolour bags are the limited edition Amazona bags (that iconic 'boxy' bag of Loewe) and issued only during this season. And I had the chance to carry the moticolour Amazona and found out that the leather was amazingly soft and luxurious. I simply can not describe more on the leather quality (made of goatskin). Anybody just needs to touch Loewe leather, 'feels' it and would agree with me. The inside lining was also made from soft leather. The bag was designed with great details, that include padlock, key, key leather cover (or clochette, if I may borrow the term from H dictionary) and cute (small) anagram on each side of the bag.

I wasn't familiar with the Amazona sizes. But the ones displayed on the store windows are the regular sizes. And this is the size that I like too. I saw the smaller Amazona, but I didn't see them in multicolour version.

According to the SA, the red multicoloured Amazona is favoured by European ladies, while the blue molticoloured Amazona is mostly favoured by Asian ladies. And my favourite is of course the red one (ehm, it is not a surprise that I like red so much. See my October shopping as a proof!).

The multicolour Amazonas cost eur1600 while the regular/monocolour Amazonas cost eur1400.

Well done to Loewe who has successfully made me attracted to its bag (although I finally decided to passed the chance to own LE Amazona, but now Loewe starts growing on me). So it might not be a surprise if oneday I put Amazona on my bag wishlist or get one for myself *fingers crossed*.

Please excuse the blurry pictures as I took them by using my (crappy) camera phone :p

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