Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cath Kidston Day Bag for my daily bag in Singapore

Cath Kidston Bucket Day Bag in Folk Flowers print

In the past 2 months, I temporarily stayed in Singapore. It explains why I infrequently made any blog posts. I stayed there without bringing any laptop or DSLR camera. Hence I had no proper equipments that allowed me to put regular post with own photos on my blog nor enough time to do so. Well, the later was actually the main reason though.

Anyway, during my stay in Singapore, it was raining everyday. And as I took public transport everyday, getting wet from the rain was something unavoidable. So I have to carry a reliable bag for my daily activity. Carrying an expensive designer leather bag during rainy season would not be the best idea obviously. Then toting an oilcloth bag from Cath Kidston as daily was somehow very convenient and quite comfortable. So this is it, my daily bag during the rainy season in Singapore. It is water proof, roomy, has side pockets (very useful to keep the MRT card) and surely I did not have to baby it. I often keep my wet umbrella inside the bag!!

See, this is the key reason why I like the bags from Cath Kidston. The durable material and its classic vintage prints have won my heart.

No wonder that I kept ordering or buying stuffs from Cath Kidston recently. In fact I just made an online purchase during Cath Kidston's one day sale (will make a separate post on this) *wink*

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  1. Unfortunately they dont have this design in Malaysia.