Friday, December 28, 2012

Recent haul: Lanvin shoes

These are my very first Lanvin shoes and I am very satisfied and happy.

I recently bought (during their end of season sale *big grin*) a pair of wedges in patent havana and a pair of ballet flat in rose (fuchsia). Both are very comfortable and the chevre leather (goatskin) is quite soft. The shoes can easily break in and I have worn them without suffering any blisters.

Lanvin has been widely known for its flat shoes and I have been eyeing them and had them in my wishlist for quite some time. And now I am excited that I successfully (and impulsively) acquired a pair of them during Lanvin end of season sale. Yay!
This Lanvin ballet flat in rose (fuchsia) is soooooo comfy. I could chase around my kids in this pair of shoes lol. I have to admit that this style is true to size, so I have asked for my normal size 37 and it fit comfortably.

Allow me to confess that I normally 'live' in my Tory Burch Sally wedges that have 5cm heels. Sally wedges have been my reliable working shoes in the past 2 years and I had a few pairs of Sally in my shoes closet. Therefore for venturing a new style of high heels shoes (or wedges) I always make comparison (based on comfy level) to Tory Burch Sally.

In the beginning I was quite hesitant for trying this pair of Lanvin wedges. I was so 'scared' to its 8cm heels. But surprisingly this pair of wedges in 8cm heels caused no pain for me. I wore the pair for the first time for 2-3 hour strolling/walking, and I survived without suffering any pain/blisters. So the shoes have passed the test with flying colours lol and immediately become my favourite in the past one week. Please note that I had to go a half size down for this pair of Lanvin wedges.

I can conclude that they were happy purchase and I am very sure that these are not my last pairs of Lanvin shoes lol

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  1. Nice Lanvin haul. What a great way to end a year. I've often thought about trying a pair of Lanvin flats but have always had a hard time straying away from my Tory Burch flats. I love the striking color of the pink/fushia Lanvn flats, very nice. I bought a similar pair of Tory Burch Eddie flats in a pink/magenta color. Unlike the Tory Burch Reva flats the Eddies and your Lanvin are comfy right out of the box.

    Thanks for sharing