Monday, December 10, 2012

They have found new homes

I am still working (hard) to reduce the number of bags in my collection as part of my 2012 new year bag resolution (check here). The easy way to achieve the mission is simply to give them away to my close relatives like cousins. And actually I have been doing it several times this year (check here, here and here).
As the year end is approaching very soon, I decided to let go more bags and they have successfully found new homes. The instant benefit from this action is that now I have more spaces in my wardrobe lol and I also like the fact that the bag will be loved and used by my dear cousins.

They are Belen Echandia, Coach, Longchamp, Lovely Batik, Kunthi Batik, Batik Chic and python bags.

1 comment:

  1. Hi . Wondering if you are letting go of your celine mini luggage black calf leather ? Been searching for one and I came across your lovely space here. Hope to hear from you if it's available ! Thank you !