Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recent Balenciaga haul

From various forms of accessories, bracelet and ring are my favourite items. The reason is simple, because I can 'see' and enjoy having them in my arms. As for earrings or necklace, I can not easily see and will definitely need a mirror to 'look at' them lol. Else these earrings and necklace are worn for the enjoyment of other persons haha

So it is not a surprise that I frequently displayed what's on my wrist (the latest one is here) and I never had my wrists empty. Collecting bracelets (especially Hermes) has simply become my recent obsession :)

In the past one year I have been addicted to Hermes bracelets and never had enough of them (check here for my latest Hermes bracelets collection). And I just realized that I do not have any Balenciaga cuffs, until now.

I was immediately sold to this Balenciaga Triple Tour due to its gorgeous combo of Bleu Mineral and gold hardware. Bleu mineral is one of Balenciaga's Spring Summer 2013 colours. The bracelet is beautiful in real life and will be a perfect match to my favourite dark blue jeans.

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  1. hi babe,

    by any chance youre selling this?