Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nicole Richie and Balenciaga City in classic black

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Nicole Richie is widely known for her love of Balenciaga bags. Back then (or 3-4 years ago), when the bag had not become an 'IT' bag, Ms. Richie was often spotted toting a Balenciaga bag in her arm. And she was spotted and photographed many times carrying different styles and colours from Balenciaga.
I wondered how many Balenciaga bags that she had... what a lucky lady

Now seeing Ms. Richie carrying the classic City bag in black is just refreshing. Although I confess that I am no longer a Balenciaga addict (thanks to Celine!), I still adore those ladies who can pull off their style with Balenciaga bag.

By the time I make this post. I still keep my Balenciaga City in classic bag (check here) and for sure this bag is a keeper and it will not leave my bag collection.

And this is mine. The very same bag as Ms. Richie.

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