Monday, December 10, 2012

The Victoria leather tote in electric blue

I still love this tote bag from Victoria Beckham (see my previous craving about this bag in here). Simple, elegant, well made and well designed and use a very minimum hardwares. For me it is timeless design.

The stunning electric blue colour will make a strong statement and do an 'instant bright bold' effect on the usual monochromatic winter outfit. Adore it!

Although I am lusting over this bag, I am still not convinced on the practicality for wearing it. See picture below when the bag is opened. I do not know on how those double (long) lids will do. I just understand that it may add structure to the bag yet it may give greater obstruction for accessing/opening the bag. stated that the bag weight 1.6kg. Ouch, then that IS a heavy tote bag!

Price GBP2,100


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