Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Black and orange

I love this Celine black Trio: great design, classic, very functional, excellent craftsmanship and it matches with my casual style! I wore the purse today when I went out with my 2.5 years-old daughter. Just the two of us :D

Indeed this morning was a priceless mother-and-daughter bonding time. Although we only spent 2 hours alone, but it was a fun time for girls. We did a small 'girly' shopping, bought tickets for Disney On Ice show, having brunch at my daughter's favourite restaurant and she played at her favourite playgound and made new friends there.

I always wore Trio in crossbody style, and today I had one hand to carry a diaper bag and the other hand to hold those little fingers of my daughter's.

As my choice of outfit today was monochromatic, I tought that I need to add a dash of colour. I therefore opted to wear Hermes Clic H orange. And orange really looks 'pop' againts black.

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