Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kate Moss and Chanel boxes at the Ritz Paris

image from Vogue

OMG, I can clearly magine when those Chanel boxes are filled with Chanel goodies.....  bags, wallets, custom jewelry, shoes...
And the Ritz's room is just beyond amazing. It surely make everyone staying in that room feels like a French king or queen

By the way, the room featured in this photo is named as 'Coco Chanel Suite'


  1. eeeekkkk
    all those boxes are empty!
    how scary is that?
    it looks as if she's been robbed!

    1. Yup.... But I paid more attention to the fabulous room @Ritz and imagine if I stay in that room.. with few chanel boxes that have the contents.... *daydreaming*