Saturday, April 21, 2012

My weekend bag: Celine Trapeze Olive

Never thought that Celine Small Trapeze would look great for a weekend bag and it is so nice to combined it with casual attire.

The bag is comfortable enough. The wings are great help, especially the one that facing front. That's where I keep my mobile phone and I can easily access the phone without opening the main flap.
'Bag security' is definitely at the highest level lol. Flap with metal lock + zipper (errr, double security?) are more than enough to prevent any pickpocket attempts :p And I have to say that such double locking procedure doesn't cause me any burden to open or close the bag (well, I am still ok to diligently zip up the main compartment and lock up the flap, at all time).

Important note to myself: next time I have to be careful when I pair my Celine Trapeze with my favourite TR jeans. Few days ago I wore my TR jeans and Celine Trapeze and I saw faint scratches at the back of the Trapeze (close to zipped pocket) due to rubbing with the jeans buttons :((
Well, it was still unnoticeable though, so I can definitely live with such small imperfection on my Celine Trapeze.

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