Sunday, April 29, 2012

Victoria Beckham black structure leather tote

I like Victoria Beckham handbags and am so eager to touch its leather. I can imagine that the leather is so exquisite and soft to the touch. Now at NAP I saw a black Victoria leather tote. So classic! Yet I am quite curious abought the weight of the bag. My initial thought is that the bag must be rather heavy considering it is a full leather bag, has leather lining and a structured bag (which may require hidden sturcture in between the lining and the external leather). Well, just think about Hermes Birkin which is already heavy when the bag is empty.

Currently NAP features Victoria structure leather tote in black and yellow. Last month I made a special post for the yellow Victoria leather tote as I love it instantly. I am still drooling over this, and if I can choose between black or yellow, well I will obviously pick the black one.

Price GBP2,105 at

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