Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Please meet Perry, Puff and Julian from Leather Prince @Etsy

Perry, Julian and Puff

Perry, Julian and Puff

Perry the Penguin

Puff the Magic Dragon

Julian the Polar Bear

This is my latest purchase from Leather Prince @Etsy. They are Perry the Penguin, Puff the Magic Dragon and Julian the Polar Bear.
Aren't they just cute? They will soon accompany my Longchamp Le Pliage and Balenciaga bags;)

Trust me, everyone will have difficult time to choose from Leather Prince's keychains or bagcharms collection. They are all just cute and adorable and I always wish that I could collect them all..... Oh, and I have to say that each item is very well (hand) made. Craftsmanship is beyond excellent.

Please check their collection in here.

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