Sunday, April 29, 2012

Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutch

One of my favourite past times is to browse around (NAP). And today I noticed a cute clutch from Olympia Le-Tan. The name is quite strange to me so I google-ed around and got fruther info that she’s one of the Parisian ‘It’ girl that has ‘past resume’ for toiling in the Chanel design studion, working as a D.J. and as a writer for French fashion magazines. Now she has a new job title as a designer when she launched handbag collection that were inspired by first-edition covers of her favorite literary classics. Then the book clutch has instantly become a hit.

So I am one of those who is immediately smitten by this cute book clutch. I noticed that gradually I changed into a more clutch-person nowadays (but I am still a bag fetish obvioulsy). I thought that hugging or holding a clutch is the easiest (and lightest) way to dress up or to look stylish and somehow it can be a chic booster for the entire look. When carrying a clutch, one hand is like ‘glued’ to the clutch and somehow it can affect our body movement differently in the most ellegant way.

The book clutch has dimension of 14cm x 20cm x 3.5cm and each ‘book’ is produced in limited number of 16 only. It is made from canvas with exquisite embroidery details, brass structure and Liberty print lining. Note: Liberty is a London department store at Regent Street and also famous for its fabrics. They claimed that the Liberty design studio creates and re-works classic prints every season, inspired by nature, architecture, heritage and the store itself.

The book clutch price is GBP900 or EUR1,140. But by the time I made this post all the book clutches at NAP have all ben sold out and when I checked out the website, many of them were sold out or have to be pre-ordered. Hmmmm, it is indeed a strong evidence that Olympia Le-Tan book clutch is a hot fashion item.
So, where can I get one of those book clutches, please?

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