Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Celine Trapeze Olive

I am still beyond excited when I got my very first Celine Trapeze bag in small (medium?) size. The colour is Olive and it is from Summer 2012 collection. I have to say that the bag is very well made. Leather is so yummy. Details are great (as expected from Celine bags). Hands down to Ms Phoebe Philo!

My SA told me that starting Summer 2012, the Trapeze has undergone few small changes on its design and she gave me the opportunity to compare between my Olive Trapeze and a Trapeze from past season (the store's own stock).

Few changes that took place:
  • A new back zip pocket
  • Celine logo is embossed close to main zipper
  • 2 inside pockets

I have not used the bag excessively but I think I should not put an iPad inside the Trapeze as it will make the bag to shag. (Note that I recently carry a LOT of stuffs inside my bag).
I plan to put the bag on a test during this weekend when I plan to go out with the kids. I hope it is the bag that is easy to handle (i.e. worry free) when I am fully occupied with 3 kids.....errr, 3 toddlers to be more precise :D


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting my blog ^_^

    2. hi, what would you say its colors? gray + light gray + yellowish?

    3. The color IRL are taupe, dark grey and olive (on wings). I think the olive colour has yellow undertone.

  2. I absolutely love your bag, I was hoping to get the same one at the time. Can I ask, did you buy it from Nordstrom? Thanks so much! Erica