Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Current obsession: Audrey

I am a big fans of Ms. Audrey Hepburn. She's my diva for classic vintage style. Her look and outfit at Breakfast at Tiffany is always forever classic and has been the source of inspiration for many many fashion lover!! In that movie she wore an iconic sunglasses from Ray Ban named "Wayfarer", and since then many people raved about this classic style of sunglasses.

Audrey Hepburn in BreakFast At Tiffany wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer
Image from google search

But now I have current obsession over the Audrey from Celine. Thanks to Ms Phoebe Philo who reinterpreted Ms. Hepburn's style, she created a Celine sunglasses and named after the famous actress.
Yes, the name of Celine's sunglasses is Audrey and it has 2 sizes: small and large.

Celine Audrey sunglasses small
image from google search

Celine Audrey sunglasses large
image from google search

Miranda Kerr has been frequently seen wearing this sunglasses. And it truly inspires me. It makes me want one!!! Now I am obsessed over Audrey yet I still could not decide the size that I should go for: small vs. large.

Mirande Kerr and Celine Audrey large
image from google search

Today my SA at local Celine store sent me some photos of Audrey. They all look classic and fabulous. I am having a hard time to choose one. And after seeing this photo, I really want to make a stop at the Celine store this week (as well as a stop at Givenchy store)

Hmmm, the one in black looks very promising for me. Can't wait to visit the Celine store...

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