Sunday, April 1, 2012

I have a big crush on Givenchy Antigona Satchel

I have never really keen on Givenchy bags. Yes, maybe I once considered the Nightingale as I really loved its wrinkle effect on the thick leather. But finally I never got the bag and the name of Givenchy never came into my mind when I 'go through' my bag wishlist. --> It  means the time when I review or revise or add the list ;)

But the hype about this Antigona Satchel bag has annoyed me recently, in a positive way. I start liking the bag. It just grew on me. And now I have a major crush on Antigona!

The thing with this bag is that it has a great variation of leather, 3 different sizes and great colour options! The sizes are small, medium and large, and I would defintely prefer the medium one. Then I noticed that there are shiny and grainy leather yet I also read about a selection of calfskin and goatskin. Hmmm, this variation of leather/sizes/colour really reminds me of Celine. As per now I am still curious about the kind of leather or effect that has greater durability to scratches.

I have never seen the bag in real life and now I can't wait to see the bag in person. Luckily there is a local Givenchy shop here. So maybe next week I plan to make a stop at Givenchy store;)

As my favourite colour, I would seriously consider blue or shiny black Antigona.

The prices are around USD2410 (, GBP1325 ( or EUR1187 (

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